Reverse Advent Calendar 2021

By December 2, 2021School Life

The Reverse Advent Calendar works like the traditional Advent Calendar, but in reverse. Rather than receiving, it is based on donating. This year at SCC Pembroke Secondary we will be collecting food items to be then given to a charity of choice & for this reason, we are associating a food item with every school day in December.

You can find the full list of items of what you can bring on different days throughout the month of December . Donating is voluntary and students do not need to get every food item that is listed. Any food donations will be collected by Form teachers during are to be taken to the office of the Asst. Head in charge of the year group and placed in the donation box before or after Form Time.

Food items that are brought on a different date than that specified will still be accepted. No fresh food and milk or expired items will be accepted.

Food must be in its original packaging.

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