Subject Choice Exercise 2022

By January 11, 2022School Life

Dear Parents/Guardians

During the first weeks/months of this year, your children who are now in Year 8, will need to choose two new option subjects which they will follow as of next scholastic year for the coming secondary schooling years. This important process will be supported by our Career Guidance Staff, Career Advisor, Guidance teachers and PSCD teachers who will be supporting your children (and yourselves) through the following;

  • Class interventions by the Career advisors and Career Guidance teachers,
  • Class intervetions by the PSCD teacher on how to make a good choice,
  • Guidance sessions,
  • Online meetings for parents/guardians
  • And one-to-one meetings when required.

We encourage you to click on the image below, so that together with your parents, you access the website which will help you to grow personally and professionally as it helps you to understand which courses are suitable for you by exploring different sectors available and by taking a quiz.

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