SCC Pembroke Secondary

Our History

1940 – 1946

Our school building which formed part of Sandhurst Barracks was a military hospital during World War II. It was known as the 45th General St Patrick’s Hospital where the wounded soldiers recovered.

1947 – 1948
It was converted into living quarters for cadets, training grounds for parades, other official functions and also used for servicing military vehicles and other war equipment.

1975 – 1983

Sandhurst was handed over to the Maltese Army. The Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) trained here. The shooting ranges are still used by AFM for their routine training.


From a military barracks, it was changed into a Girls’ Secondary School named after Sir Adrian Dingli who was a famous Valletta lawyer and Chief of Justice. He worked tirelessly to promote local culture and projects.


Our Secondary School was changed into  Sir Adrian Dingli Girls’ Junior Lyceum.


Our school became part of a network of schools known as St Clare College which comprises of 6 primary and 3 secondary schools.


On 28th September 2009 the watch tower clock of St Clare College Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Pembroke started ticking again.


Our school started the process of becoming a Comprehensive Secondary School.


In September 2013 the first co-education classes started in form one.