The Student Council

President – Eli Abela
Vice President –
Secretary – Yasmin Anna Compton
Vice Secretary – Leonardo Procopio
Treasurer –  Qing Zheng
PROs – Lydon Borg, Hailey Carter, Dunja Stojanovic and Abugadil Tajwid

The council meets every Monday during mid-day break, where school-related issues are discussed.  During the previous scholastic year (2019 – 2020) this council also managed to hold 2 fund raising activities, one during Parents’ Evening and the Crazy Hair Day for Carnival, and also collected food stuffs and other supplies which were donated to the Ursuline Sisters in G’Mangia 

The council members also discussed the importance of being more democratic, transparent and open to suggestions from all other students, and to prove this, 2 suggestion boxes were bought and will be assembled at school as from next year so that students can post their suggestions/queries which the council will then discuss during the meeting. 

The main aim of having a students’ council is to give a voice to our students so that they can contribute in the running of the school by bringing forward their ideas.  Last year the students’ council participated in the Students’ Council Democracy Awards organized by Agenzija Zghazagh.  Our school was awarded the Silver Award.