Success for our students in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2022

By November 4, 2022School Life

If you want to know about a school, read its writers…

We are thrilled to extend a huge and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the ten students at SCC Pembroke Secondary who this year participated in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition and who all walked away champions.  Out of a record-breaking 26,300 competition entries this year, our students were rewarded for their excellence in writing by well-known authors, journalists and poets including Dame Susan Hill, Dr. Paul Edmondson, Sam Reese, Sharma Taylor, Hiya Chowdhury, Ntsika Kota, Jaspreet Kaur, Shehan Karunatilaka and Imtiaz Dharker.

🥇Gold Award – Cecilia Granat (10.6)

🥈Silver Award – Nia Belova (11.8)

🥈Silver Award – Preslava Koleva (11.9)

🥈Silver Award – Anastasia Forbes (11.9)

🥈Silver Award – Ilija Petrovic (11.9)

🥈Silver Award – Henrikas Starkus (11.9)

🥈Silver Award – Camilla Barbara (10.2)

🥉Bronze Award – Jake Mallia (9.7)

🥉Bronze Award – Olivia Invernizzi (9.7)

🥉Bronze Award – Mohammed Ben Lotfi (9.9)

These ten students rose to the occasion and took on the challenge of participating in the world’s oldest international writing competition for schools in the lead up to their final exams back in May. We are all proud of you!

We encourage you and all our students at St Clare College Pembroke Secondary to continue expressing your ideas through writing and harnessing the power that your voice holds within your immediate and global community. Remember, you can be the change you wish to see, so please continue to write for a better world.

Thanks also goes to Mr Leon Xuereb, one of our English teachers, for leading this initiative.

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